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In the end everything will be alright. If it isn't alright, it isn't the end.

26 August
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I'm just a NerdFreak who can't spell worth a darn. I've never kept a journal before, so don't expect great stretches of profundity.
alexander anderson, alternative music, alucard, american gods, angels, arashii, art, auras, ayase, aziraphale, babylon 5, bad puns, bisexuality, bme, books that defy classification, buffy, cats, chase, chocolate, classical music, coldfire, comics, contemplating deep things, cooking, costumes, courage, crowley, cuddling, daydreaming, demons, did i mention reading, dr. seuss, driving, elsewhere, expendable, eyes, face painting, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, fay, festina ramos, fortune cookies, fractals, freaks, gaiman, gangrel, geeks, geisha, gerald tarrant, good authors, good omens, goths, grokking, hellsing, honor, huggs, ice cream, icons, interesting laughs, iscariot, juniper, kabuki, kanji, kiiba, knives, larp, learning things, living, looking up, lotr, lucifer, magic, mannov, marcus cole, mazikeen, mckean, millenium, movies, myths, naps, nazi care bears, needles, neil gaiman, nerds, nevernever, neverwhere, oar, occult, oddballs, okane na gai, online quizzes, otherkin, paladin alexander anderson, people, people watching, pi, pixel, pnambc, police girl, puns, quotes, reading, real vampires, real werewolves, roleplaying, sci-fi, seras victoria, shadows, sir integral wingates hellsing, slash, smiles, snakes, space, spells, spider robinson, spiders, storytelling, surprises, sweet nothings, swords, tanstaafl, tarot cafe, tats, tea, the crow, thrifting, tickling, tremere, tsume, utena, vhd, victor, vtm, walter, weird persons, weres, wicca, wierdos, wishes, witches, wolfwood, wolves, wraeththu, yaoi, yuri, zen